Every Day is Valuable


Every day is a valuable gift that is an opportunity to pursue you dreams and passions. To achieve those dreams and realize your potential you must make the best use of every day. By that I mean you have to live every day with purpose.

Some days you do have to grind – for hours – on a single task or idea with laser focus. You have to have set your goals and be conscious of your actions, to ensure they are serving that purpose.  These days can be hard, exhausting and frustrating – but they are also some of the most rewarding even though they may not seem that way at the time. Days, weeks or months later, when you secure that client that takes your company to the next level, or hit that milestone you wanted so bad, think back to those 16 hour days when you put the pieces in place that got you there. That’s the rewarding part where you celebrate the victory of the accomplishment, then set new goals to continue your journey the next day.

That doesn’t mean you have to work and grind all day every day. Some days are best spent with your friends, family, kids, or your spouse or partner. Be intentional in this time with focus just like you are with your work. Be attentive to the people around you and focused on the moment you are in to give and receive the love and companionship we all need to survive. Kids and family don’t need all of your time – but they do need your time with them to be focused on them.

There are also days where it is best to just unplug from everything to spend time with yourself to assess where you are, where you want to go, and the actions you need to take to realize your potential. Self examination and evaluation are absolutely vital to any sustained success. Take stock in your life – what do love about your life? What do you want to change? Where do you want your life to go? Who do you need to add or remove from your life? The answers to these questions are what will propel you to the future you want to achieve. The answers to these questions will always be changing as your journey through life changes, so it is important to ask them regularly to understand your life.

There will be many days where some part of the day spent in each of these areas. The quiet introspective time in the morning when you first wake up and lay down to go to sleep – use it intentionally to see your goals for the day or what you have accomplished. The time in the heat of battle forging your dreams and passions – be all in and relentless in pursuing what you want for your business. The time spent with your friends, kids, spouse or partner – be completely present in the moment to appreciate them and love fully and deeply to recharge your soul. Each day is a gift and an opportunity that is far too precious to waste.


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