Get Your Money Right To Avoid Regret

One of my favorite speakers and mentors is Grant Cardone. I love his style – straight forward and no bullshit. Now, he is not for everybody that is for sure. He can come off as a braggart to some, but to me it is motivation. He is crazy successful and shares his life and information freely. Make no mistake he is in the game to make money, honestly we all are on some level, but I believe he truly wants to help other people become successful.

One of Grant’s main mantras is “Get your money right.” It is something I have taken to heart and  I want to share with all of you an example of why it is so important. If you have your money right you can help others because you have the financial means to do so. Sure, you can volunteer at a shelter or donate some time on Saturday to the local charity of your choice and that is great. But how can you help your family or the ones close to you that need help – that is as important, if not more important than helping strangers. Also with your money right you can affect big massive change in the world.

For years now I have dreamed (a plan with no action) of being able to help my family and loved ones but never seemed to have the money. I want to make real changes in my community to help people live better lives – that is the main reason I wanted to start this blog – to help others succeed. I have been fairly successful running my business and providing for my family so we live a comfortable life. However there just isn’t enough money there to help my family the way I want to. There certainly is not enough money there to help strangers.

About 10 years ago my mother became ill and had some very tough medical conditions to deal with. Before this she would come and stay with my family for a month a couple times a year and spend time with her grandchildren She loved them so much and it gave her such joy to be with them. We also loved having her with us. After her medical incident she needed to have medical care 3 times a week at the hospital. She was fine other than that – she could do whatever she wanted. The care of course was insanely expensive, like all medical care is, but she worked out a deal with the hospital to get the treatments.

The most painful part was the fact she could no longer travel to see us because she could not afford the cost of the treatments while she would be here. And because my money was not right, I could not help pay for the treatments so she could come. We would travel up every summer when I could scrape together a week off of work and visit – but that was not the same. She did not get to go to their dance recitals, piano concerts, or spend time playing with them in their rooms.

My mother passed away in January of this year. She never got to come spend time with her grandchildren, in their environment, the last 10 years of her life. I will always live with the regret of not being able to pay for those treatments. If I had my money right, and had been focused on winning to help others, things would have been different. Unfortunately, I realized too late how important that was to me and my family.

You have to live your life with purpose and with a focus to get your money right – save to invest and invest to expand – so you can help the people around you. At the very least get your money right so you don’t have to live with regret and say  – I wish I would have had the money to help them.





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