I have a question – Why?



We all get up in the morning and live our life every day. We go to work, we have our hobbies, we have families and live our life. The question I have for you is Why?? The answer to that question can propel you and your life to places you may have never dreamed possible.

I have written before about my “zombie life” of a couple decades where I did my life on auto-pilot. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the experiences with my family, liked my job, got by paying the bills and generally lived what would be considered a normal happy life. But then one day I asked my self why? Why am I doing the things I am doing. What is my purpose in living my life. The truth is I did not have the true answer right away in the front of my brain. I had the simple answer for why I went to work – to pay the bills. But there had to be more to that answer.

I had to take some time and think about that question and find the true answer in my heart. I took stock of the people in my life, my wife and kids, my business associates and my friends. I looked at the world around me – thought about the other people driving in their cars to work and wondered why are they going wherever they are going? Also why were there people that seemed so happy and successful and some people people that seemed to always be down and had hard times. Why did they make the choices they made to create the lives they were living?

I think everybody has a why inside them but most people don’t ever think about it. I believe the happiest and most successful people have discovered their Why and focus on it to use it as fuel for their lives and dreams. I want to clarify that success, as I see it, is not just about money, it is about fulfillment of body, mind and spirit. Financial success is certainly a part of it because it allows you the opportunities to spend the time and have the resources to fulfill the the body, mind and spirit.

When I thought about my Why and brought it to the front of my thinking my life became different. For me, my why is first and foremost my family. My wife and children are everything to me and the reason I do what I do. The rest of my family – Dad, Stepdad, aunts, uncles and cousins are next on my why – I want to be a part of them having a good life and help them in finding their passion and success. My community around me – I want to have a positive impact on the people around me and do my part to help make the world a better place.

So now you say – well that is an obvious answer for why, everybody wants to provide for their family – and you are right. The difference I want you to understand is that change comes when you make your Why your focus and your purpose. When I started living my life for the benefit of others to focus on my why – that is where the magic happened. When I started fulfilling my why by truly living my life for the benefit of my wife and children and people I come in contact with instead of for me, things radically changed.

It was amazing to me that I would now get up in the morning excited for the day and the opportunities it would bring because I had the chance to make somebody else’s life better. I now love going to work and running my company because I am fulfilling my why by providing jobs and opportunities for other people and their families. I look forward to every second I can spend with my kids because I have the opportunity to love them and in some way have a positive influence in who they are and the person they will become. I find so much more meaning in the time I can spend with my wife because I cherish the love and life we have together. I now look forward to finding more opportunities to provide value and enrich others lives by giving back.

Another amazing thing I have found is that since I have started living for my Why I have been blessed with more opportunities. I’m not sure if I believe in the law of attraction, but it does seem that since I have changed my focus from myself to others the opportunities to better my life have increased tremendously. Seizing the opportunity to help others always fulfills my soul and spirit and surprisingly enough it has also provided financial opportunities also. I have started anew company because I have thought of a way I can help people save money on a mostly unnecessary expense. The opportunity for the business was born form the desire to help others save money so they can in turn have more for themselves.

If you live your life for your Why, instead of just for you, I promise that you will be amazed at the beauty you will find in your everyday life. The joy that comes from living your why is true fulfillment. It is the happiness you have been looking for. Find your why and live for it – not yourself – and the world will provide unbelievable opportunities for you. Your Why is the key to your happiness.



6 thoughts on “I have a question – Why?

    1. Thanks Abhijith. The inspiration was just my wanting to share my thoughts on how my life changed when I changed my way of thinking. Once I started to live for my Why instead of myself my life became much better. Thanks so much for reading. Hope to have more coming soon.

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      1. Wow it’s really great ๐Ÿ˜Š. Am so glad you found your way through. Have a nice day ahead ๐Ÿ˜‡


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